How to make amigurumi

What is amigurumi?

I knew from name “amigurumi” is Japanese language. Amigurumi from 2 words, ami is mean stitch and gurumi is doll So,amigurumi is crochet doll. It can can also called the art of making small stuffed doll or Japanese stuffed doll. The process of making this ,arguably  more difficult than making crochet art other.  Many character such as anime,cartoon,fruits,animals,vegetables can be made amigurumi.

Every doll have pattern,not have same pattern from one doll to another. The children can play amigurumi,how your feel when you make amigurumi for your kids,grandchildren or for your lovely someone. Sure, you will so happy. Make amigurumi use crochet hook.

what stitch name for make amigurumi?

Single crochet

You can watch how to make single crochet. Almost make amigurumi use single crochet but you should too learn another stitch. Happy watching (^-^)

One of the most importand for make amigurumi is magic  ring.

Learn slowly yeah, you can do it (^-^)

After you can make stitches for make amigurumi, you should learn how to read pattern and simbol.

Yeahhhhhhh you done learn all. So you can try for make simple amigurumi now. Aishiteru my friends (^-^)

Exercise 1

Exercise 2


Now you can make amigurumi, welcome amigurumi lover(*-*)


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